Waricel Adds More Countries to Their International Mobile Money Transfer Destinations

Waricel allows the african diaspora in the US to send money at low costs to several countries in West Africa.

Waricel.com, an online mobile money transfer service, just announced that they are adding three new countries, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso, to their list of destinations where the African diaspora from the US can send money to their relatives.
"We spent more than one year testing our innovative service in Cote d'Ivoire before deciding to expand to new countries," said Herve Oyenan, co-founder and CTO. "We are now ready to replicate the success we are having there in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso."
This service would allow more than 20 millions subscribers of Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money to receive money from abroad.
The low levels of financial access across Africa, combined with the high levels of mobile penetration have created an enormous potential for mobile based financial services. By leveraging their expansive distribution networks and trusted brands, mobile operators can deliver such financial services. Hence, mobile phones have quickly evolved to become tools of economic empowerment for the world's poorest people.
About Waricel.com: Waricel LLC (www.waricel.com) is a financial service company offering an online service for international mobile money topup credits. Their service helps immigrants living in North America to support their family in Africa by allowing them to send small amounts of money at lower costs. The money is delivered across borders to any mobile phone through their global Mobile Money Transfer platform, connecting a growing network of local Mobile Money service providers in Africa. Waricel is a subsidiary of ITQwest LLC, a company proposing innovative solutions for emerging markets.