GHANA: Standard Chartered launches full Digital Bank on Mobile

Standard Chartered Bank have launched a full Digital Bank on mobile called the Standard Chartered Mobile (SC Mobile) fulfilling the Bank’s determination to provide the best digital lifestyle for our clients.

The SC Mobile launch which took place on Friday is designed with continuous feedback from clients, incorporating innovative technology to allow clients to execute all banking activities from a mobile device.

The Bank’s digital services are available by downloading the SC Mobile App. New clients can open a bank account and provide all verification documents by uploading to the application and completing the onboarding process within minutes. The process comes with free debit cards which entitles clients to the Bank’s 360’ rewards loyalty programme. The debit cards will be delivered to the client via Ghana Post making it a complete digital onboarding process without clients interfacing with a branch.

The new solution comes with an increased number of billers and is mobile money enabled. Clients can execute all their banking transactions right from their mobile device. Additionally, the Bank has digitised 70 client services from being branch-led to the mobile platform.

Mansa Nettey, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited said, “the launch of the full digital bank is a key milestone in our digital transformation journey and underlines our commitment to the socio-economic development of Ghana. Digitisation remains at the heart of our business strategy. Our continuous investment in this regard will significantly advance financial inclusion in the country”.

The launch of the digital bank comes with world-class digital capabilities bringing greater convenience to clients enabling them to live their lives and passions whiles banking on the go with SC Mobile.

The roll out is being executed on the creative platform of UNSTOPPABLE. Standard Chartered digital bank makes it possible for clients to integrate their banking into their lives making users unstoppable.

Henry Baye, Executive Director and Head of Retail Banking, Ghana and West Africa said, “we are committed to satisfying the needs of our clients, having incorporated their feedback at each stage of the development process. This new exciting digital bank will deliver amazing experiences via a mobile device including digitizing 70 client service requests making banking simpler and even more convenient for our clients. Our clients can now live their lives and bank on the go without any disruptions making SC mobile users unstoppable”.

Through the launch of the digital bank, Standard Chartered is offering secure banking services via mobile devices to meet rapidly changing client needs at the right scale. Clients will continue to enjoy exclusive benefits from an increased number of alliances and partnerships spanning travel, shopping and dining.