BOTSWANA: Revolutionizing the National Economy through its flagship Super App – Posa’it

BotswanaPost, the local designated postal operator and innovator in financial, logistics, postal, communications and agency services in Botswana, has unveiled its transformative Digital Post Office Platform called DigiPost. This ground-breaking initiative aims to modernize the nation's financial infrastructure, fostering economic growth and financial inclusivity throughout Botswana. The smart-app based extension of BotswanaPost sales touch points allows for the onboarding of independent individuals and SMMEs to re-sell postal services. 

The launch of DigiPost is part and parcel of yet another innovative solution by BotswanaPost, a postal super application dubbed Posa’it. Posa’it is an all-in-one application that offers users a unified interface for easy access to a variety of services offered by the Post Office. The comprehensive fintech mobile innovation integrates all existing postal Apps in one place. It unifies PosoMoney, DigiPost, and PosoApp products and services into a single platform for improved control, cost management, and business growth focus. 

This is a move to position BotswanaPost as a leader in innovation and fintech, offering customers unprecedented convenience and accessibility. It represents a significant leap forward for the Post and its diverse clientele by providing a comprehensive application for offering postal and diversified services. This state-of-the-art solution is poised to transform the way as an innovative expandable financial tool with enhanced overall user experience. Posa’it is free for download on the Play Store for Android users and Apple store for iPhone users.

Through a strategic partnership with Software Group since 2017, BotswanaPost has leveraged cutting-edge technology to redefine its service provision to the nation. The two organizations further solidified their partnership in 2023 when developing PosoMoney and DigiPost. DigiPost empowers entrepreneurs of any kind from licensed hawkers to retail merchants to be postal agents offering a comprehensive suite of diverse services such as PosoMoney (Cash in/out), Post Box Renewals, Insurance Premium Payments - Motshidisi, Airtime and Electricity purchases, Mobile Money transfers, DSTV subscriptions and Virtual Post Box. 

With a commitment to fostering financial and digital inclusion, BotswanaPost aims to reach over 500,000 individuals particularly youth and women within three years with its PosoMoney and DigiPost offerings. Further, the envisioned Agency Banking service will take advantage of BotswanaPost’s extensive network of over 136 post offices and kiosks, equipped with over 400 biometric Point of Sale (POS) terminals, ensuring swift and secure transactions at the last mile. The Post Officer branch network currently facilitates payments for more than 100,000 Social Service Grant Disbursements on a monthly basis.

Anticipating significant growth, BotswanaPost also forecasts over 194,000 new wallet subscribers by year five for its mobile money solution - PosoMoney, with an impressive 4 million monthly wallet transactions.

This ambitious projection underscores not only the PosoMoney but also the DigiPost potential to revolutionize the nation's financial landscape and drive sustainable economic development to the underserved and unbanked communities throughout Botswana.

Commenting on the platform, BotswanaPost Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer, Tebogo Lebotse Sebego said, "DigiPost is a phenomenal income generation solution for the family unit and entrepreneurs in general. It represents a milestone in Botswana's digital transformation journey. With our innovative approach and strategic partnerships, we are committed to driving progress and prosperity along with social and financial inclusion. Even more so that DigiPost is an integral part of our game changer – Posa’it which provides exceptional experience beyond postal services."

Software Group CEO, Kalin Radev noted, “BotswanaPost stands out as one of Africa's leading examples of innovation and sustainability within the postal sector. We are proud to partner with them in expanding service portfolios, diversifying revenue streams, and establishing their fundamental role in digital financial services for the people of Botswana."

Plans are underway to introduce a USSD feature, enabling customers with feature phones to access DigiPost, further empowering underserved communities throughout the country.