Airtel Africa inks mobile remittance deal with Western Union

Airtel Rwanda has signed a partnership agreement with Western Union, one of the world’s leaders of remittances, to ease international money transfers to Rwandans from across the globe. Airtel Money subscribers in Rwanda can now receive money through Western Union at no cost.

The subscribers will be able to pick their money at any Airtel Money agent or withdraw the money from an ATM machine, 24 hours a day. In the past, money sent via Western Union needed to find a bank or Western Union Agent to withdraw the funds, often spending a lot of time in the queue.

With proximity to mobile money agents, people can easily access and transact with mobile money services. Receiving money on one’s Airtel Money account through Western Union gives the receiver the freedom to access it at any given time.

Cross-border money transfer service fosters use of e-money among traders - The growth of mobile money transfer services over the past five years has been unprecedented, defying bookmakers’s predictions for its early death. Presently, mobile money platforms play a big role, especially easy payment of bills for utilities, in hotels, as well as supermarkets, and other service centres. The service has also made it easy for rural folks to access financial services.

A cross-section of Rwandans, traders, drivers, passengers, and telecom operators say mobile money transfer service providers have helped create an inclusive cashless society in the country.