Zimbabwe:TelOne now accepts telecash payments

JUNE 06,2014.


 Zimbabwe's Telecel and TelOne have partnered to make it possible for consumers to pay telephone bills with telecash.

According to a statement telecash subscribers can now pay their phone bills from the comfort of their home or office or even while travelling to work on a commuter bus, using their mobile phone to make the payment.

Telecash is the mobile money service that was launched Zimbabwe's second largest mobile operator, Telecel.


All that customers need to do is dial *888# to access the telecash menu, select the ‘pay bill’ option and then select Tel One. They will be asked to enter their telephone account number and the amount to be paid, the statement reads.


As with all telecash transactions, they will be asked to enter their telecash personal identification number (PIN) during the transaction to confirm their identity as the holder of the telecash account connected with their mobile phone.


Once payment has been made the subscriber will receive a transaction ID that can be quoted, like a receipt number, in the event of any query. Crediting of the TelOne account takes place almost instantaneously.


It is possible to add TelOne to the list of favourites on the telecash menu, so that in future when making payment TelOne can be selected quickly from that list.


All Bon Marche, OK Bazaars and TM supermarkets are telecash agents, as well as  too are all post offices.  There are also numerous small agencies, which can be identified by the telecash logo and telecash agent number.