Zimbabwe: Steward Bank Introduce Whatsapp Banking Platform

By Kudzanai Gerede

Steward bank yesterday launched a Whatsapp banking platform in partnership with Facebook.inc that will allow all banking transactions across all local banks from one's Whatsapp account on a mobile phone.

Facebook.Inc. wholly owns Whatsapp.

The platform that goes by the name "Sosholoza"is so portable that one has to save the number, 0777 222 333 on their mobile phone contacts list and simply go on Whatsapp and text, "hie" on that number then start communicating with "Batsi" the virtual assistant who will assist with the banking experience.

It is the first on the local market, and so flexible that one can transact while simultaneously conversing with friends online while it also provides other features such as opening a new bank account, pay ZESA tokens and other bills.

The Sosholoza platform allows customers to send airtime, transact using ecocash, ZIPIT and ZimSwitch while its also connected to MasterCard and Visa card for all external transactions and it also separates local RTGS dollars from US Dollars.