ZainCash Iraq Collaborates with Western Union to Enable Digital Cross-Border Money Transfers

ZainCash Iraq announces the launch of Western Union international money transfer services through the ZainCash mobile application, enabling customers in Iraq to connect to their loved ones across more than 200 countries and territories. ZainCash is the first mobile wallet in the country to integrate Western Union services on its app.

Today, ZainCash processes close to 2 million financial transactions every month, with this amount continually increasing. ZainCash offers money transfers, bill payments, Mastercard and Visa virtual cards, Mobile Top up, government bill payments, digital goods, online payments, and now will provide international money transfer services through Western Union.

By adding Western Union’s remittance service, ZainCash will meet customers’ demand to send and receive funds from/to their loved ones and friends through a reliable, simple and entirely digital experience. Customers will be able to access this service through the ZainCash mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

ZainCash is the leading mobile payment company in Iraq with a +10k cash-in and cash-out agents network serving different Iraq regions and governorates, and growing on a day-to-day basis.

Yazen Altimimi, CEO of ZainCash Iraq said, “ZainCash has always adopted an innovative and creative approach to enhance financial inclusion and develop simple solutions that provide the Iraqi community with access to financial services in a fast, efficient and convenient way. Through our partnership with Western Union, we are supporting an easy and reliable money movement for millions of customers, where through a click of a button on the ZainCash app, international transfers can be sent and received quickly and reliably.”

Hatem Sleiman, Head of Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan for Western Union said: “At Western Union, we are focused on building on our core capabilities so that we can help grow, strengthen and evolve a financial ecosystem that surrounds customers. Through this partnership with ZainCash, we look forward to bringing customers the speed, reliability and the accessibility that they expect for cross border money transfers. We are glad to bring our purpose to life and help customers to move money across currencies and borders.”

Now customers can sign up for a ZainCash account within minutes and will immediately be able to make international transfers. The ZainCash wallet will also enable customers to check the status of their transfers within the application.

The ZainCash application is not only beneficial for individual customers, but also for small and medium enterprises, corporations, public sector entities and non-governmental organizations. ZainCash was awarded the “Telecom Lead Innovation” award and the GSMA’s 2020 GLOMO Awards for “Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations.”

Altimimi concluded, “ZainCash has a strong commitment to the Iraqi community, and we are focused on playing an important role in the socio-economic development of this great nation. Iraq has a large and young consumer base, counting a population of 41 million, and ZainCash is well positioned and set to drive the mass adoption of online payment and money transfer solutions in and out of the country.”