Zain launches Sudan’s first MFS with Bank of Khartoum

AUGUST 15,2014.


In a first of its of partnerships between the banking and telecommunication. Zain and Bank of Khartoum celebrated in the launch of (Hassa) service.

This service is a new technical mean that allows all mobile phone users to complete almost all financial transactions and operations through this service, including money transfers and purchasing different services like paying bills and atm services without the need of opening a usual bank account in any bank.

The minster of Sciences and Technology Dr.Tahani Abdallah clarified that with Allah's will that this integrated work will be successful because it is the efforts of various partnerships with leading managerial and banking expertise that are continuously updated and renewed.  
Dr.Tahani also stated that the different sectors of the country need such cooperation and partnership to exchange experiences and make use of strong and genuine structures that are very advanced in the banking as well as telecommunication and considered the best in the region.

She insured the full support of the ministry of Communication and sciences to this project and her sincere wishes for continuous development to all.

 L.G El Faith Erwa Zain Sudan managing directing and executive officer stated that "(Hassa) service comes in the partnerships between Bank of Khartoum and Zain. The corporation has extended for many years and includes various programs and is now crowned by launching this unique service will be a leap in the sector of electronic services and is now available to all Zain subscribers."

He also added that "this service provides a new prospective in using mobile phones for more than just a communication mean but also a tool that contributes to the facilitation and enrichment of people's. In addition, the service symbolizes a tight relationship between banking and telecommunication sectors for making use of the infrastructure of them combined, which will open new horizons for advanced services.

It will also boost the status of Sudan as a pioneer in the Science of telecommunication and banking services and contributes to the satisfaction of the customer which is always the center of our attention."

The governor of the central bank of Sudan valued the economic and social return for this service which will allow for attracting more national savings for monetary channels that contributes in reaching financial coverage, and boosts the financial capabilities that are the saving receptacle.

In the same context, Mr. Fadi Salem Fageh the managing director of the bank of Khartoum cleared that (hassa) will achieve many benefits to the society where it is available in all areas of Sudan in coverage up to 95%. 

Also he stated that it is a safe, easy and immediate service without any operational complications and is available around the clock. In addition, it simplifies the fiscal operations to the masses at any time without the restriction of holidays or limited bank hours. Besides providing a low cost service to suite all parts of the society.

Adding that this experience is the first of its kind in Sudan and this step was sponsored and approved by the Central bank and other parties after completing all the needed safety and technical conditions.

According to Mr. Omer Omarabi the manager of the electronic banking services company (EBS), this service takes a lead on an international level. The importance of launching this service is the financial coverage, specially providing easy and fast payment means that is a pillar in creating electronic government projects and the electronic filing system for applying to universities.

This service can also be used as an easy and fast tool in paying salaries for both governmental and private sectors. As well as providing support to students and people applying for zakaah.

About (Hassa):

This service is only available for Zain subscribers. They can subscribe to (Hassa) by dialing *789# and choosing the first option on the list (registration), then approving on the conditions of the service and you will be subscribed to.

For using (Hassa) you dial *789# and choose (transfer money) from neither the operations list for transfers and it is an internet connection is not needed nor a specific type of mobile phone.

Also this service is available in 1500 sale point geographically distributed around the country. There are no specific transfer boundaries but no more than 2000SDG can be sent in one operation, and the operation can be repeated various times on the same day.