Transfast partners First Bank, Ecobank, Heritage Bank for more reach

Transfast has geared up its world of online remittances in Africa by partnering with major Nigerian banks such as First Bank, Ecobank, and Heritage Bank.

It also aims to ensure that Nigerian customers are able to easily receive financial assistance when necessary from their friends and families in the Diaspora.

During a recent visit to the Nigerian banks, Jay Vix, Global Marketing Director said the company will reach more Nigerians and Africans in 2016. “In the coming year, the partnership is poised to expand in many other countries around the globe, focusing on providing money transfer services to families and friends while also allowing beneficiaries of international money transfer to receive money directly into their accounts in any currency.

“The customer’s needs are changing and so should our products and remittance service offerings, so therefore it is important that we share our learnings with our partners, to help service the new remittance customers of the 21st century,” he added.

Worldwide money transfer has been on the rise with several companies acquiring customers with different initiatives. Transfast, a leading money transfer service provider, has enhanced its focus on Africa in the past few years to ensure that access to funds from abroad does not become an uphill task.

It is doing this by building unique technology with bank partners and at an affordable price to customers. Nigerians are already warming up to the Transfast way by educating their loved ones abroad about how to go fast with Transfast.

Transfast is an innovative online multi-currency international money transfer service, with an unbeatable network across over 120 countries.

Transfast CEO, Samish Kumar, who also grew up in Nigeria, believes in a brighter future of the African community, through hiring local talent and offering true value to all customers.