The future of financial services with Mobile Money

APRIL 08,2014.


Nawras have provided a look into the future through the new ‘Mobile Money’ service from Ooredoo. Mobile money, or mMoney, gives a glimpse of the possibilities of a new mobile business and the benefits of being part of a wider Group. 

Launched in Qatar in 2011, mMoney allows users to perform a set of financial services safely and securely using any mobile device. It was developed to meet the needs of a growing number of international workers, allowing users to send money to more than 300,000 locations in 197 countries. The Ooredoo service surpassed more than one million users last year across its global customer base. The biggest factor behind this growth is convenience as the service can be used 24 hours and from any location with a mobile connection.

Ooredoo customers can not only send international money transfers, but they can also pay bills, make payments for products and services and top up their mobile devices. In some markets, people can even receive their salaries via their mobile, allowing them to instantly transfer money out to other sources. 

The service has seen significant growth in areas where people need to send money home to family or friends abroad on a regular basis. These transactions traditionally have involved customers visiting a remittance agency in person, where there are often long queues. Using Mobile Money removes that inconvenience and allows customers to perform such transactions anywhere and at any time. 

Nawras, a member of Ooredoo Group, also provides a number of tailored connectivity solutions for customers to make communications easier, more versatile and a rewarding experience.