Tanzania: Tigo in Tie Up With Tanzania to Kigali


MARCH 05,2014.


Tanzania and Rwanda will now be connected by Tigo Pesa services following the mobile firm move to launch cross-border mobile money transfer services.

Tigo Tanzania\'s General Manager, Diego Gutierrez recently told East African Business Week the innovation will help expand trade between the two countries.

"Our innovation will create many opportunities between businessmen of the two countries, but also will expand business and carry out trade that will continue to build and strengthen commercial relation," Gutierrez said.

Available statistics show that Tanzania was Rwanda\'s seventh largest trading partner in 2011 with total trade between two countries accounting for 4% of the Rwanda\'s trade with the world and 17% of Rwanda\'s intra-East African Community trade.

In 2011, the Rwanda market represented 2% of Tanzania exports. However total trade between to countries has grown at average of 56% per annum since Rwanda joined EAC in 2007.

Gutierrez challenged Rwanda and Tanzania business communities to take advantage of the service.

"As we draw close to (East African) Monetary Union, mobile money transfer is the future for our two nations (Rwanda and Uganda) and East African region in general," Gutierrez said.

With Tigo Pesa and Tigo Cash initiative, customers will be able to send and receive international transfers using their phones.