Tanzania: Airtel Money Partners With Pbz Bank to Launch Online Money Transactions

The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ Bank) has partnered with Airtel Tanzania to launch a partnered service on money transactions aimed at bringing closer services to customers at anytime and anywhere in the country.

The service in partnership with Airtel will make PBZ Bank customer to make money transactions in an easy way without physically visiting the bank.

Speaking in Zanzibar during the launch of the new partnership, the Peoples Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ Bank) Managing Director Dr Muhsin Salim Masoud said the bank has coming with services and products in a way which aims at serving customers in a more affordable and better way.

A part from this partnership helping our customers to adapt digital transactions, it is aimed at promoting financial policy on our country's inclusive economy and at the same time supporting the government development agenda as per the Zanzibar's President Dr Hussein Mwinyi who is committed on serving the people in a better way.

Through this partnership, PBZ Bank agents and those of Airtel Money will be able to perform their money transactions in an easy, save and more quickly in fulfilling their needs. Airtel Money agents who are customers of the PBZ Bank will be able to transfer money from Airtel Money account to PBZ Bank and vice versa as well as benefiting from float is a very quick and easiest way.

Airtel Money Director Isaack Nchunda said that Airtel Tanzania has today partnered with PBZ Bank to make sure that our customers adapt to digital money transactions. Our partnership will make our customers here in Zanzibar and other parts of the country get banking services easily.

'I can upon our Airtel Money customers and agents to make use of this opportunity as it is safe, affordable and convenient', said Nchunda

'We understand that our Airtel Money agents are business people just like any other who need cash flow every time. By launching partnership, will ensure them they have money at all times and these will lead a world class service to our loyal customers, Nchunda said adding that we believe that our partnership will boost the government agenda of financial inclusion in the country', added Nchunda.

He also said: We are currently living in a world where payments are processed every second and mobile money transactions are also on the increase. Our partnership with PBZ Bank will help us accomplish our vision of providing unique and affordable services and products which fit in to the daily lives of customers.

SOURCE: The Citizen