SimplePay releases SimpleGiving. The easiest way to give to your church from your mobile

SEPT 01,2014.


From the convenience of your desktop to the palm of your hand, SimplePay has simplified the lives of thousands of connected Nigerians by eliminating physical cash from financial transactions. 

Now, with the release of the stand-alone SimpleGiving app, one more type of transaction, donating to your church, can be made faster, easier and safer.  Users can make a donation to their church from the convenience of their mobile with two clicks from anywhere in the world. Users without an Android phone can donate from the SimplePay web site at, or using a friend’s phone with their own login.


“We actually designed this app at the request of some of our church partners who wanted an app free from distractions for their congregation to use for instant giving in church,”  SimplePay CEO, Simeon Ononobi said of the new application.


Not only can church attendees give instantly, but now churches can track all donations, get reports, and view a history of donations. The app and management dashboard is free for churches to use. Users pay a 1% plus ₦10 fee to donate. “The fee is less than using a credit card and less than the transportation costs to get to the ATM or bank,” said SimplePay COO, Rich Tanksley.


The new app can be downloaded from the Google Play store here:



About SimplePay

SimplePay, Ltd. is a web and mobile financial services company based in Abuja, Nigeria. SimplePay has web and mobile applications that allow users and merchants to make and receive purchases or fund transfers instantly. SimplePay was founded in 2013 by Simeon Ononobi. In 2014, SimplePay received funding from Seedstars, a Swiss-based venture builder.



Simeon Ononobi, Founder and CEO





Ifeoluwa Fatoye, Public