SimplePay Partners With Pliris Mobile in Nigeria

JULY 04,2014.


SimplePay, Ltd. Partners With Pliris Mobile to Put SimplePay Mobile Application on all Pliris Phones in Nigeria.

From the convenience of your desktop to the palm of your hand, SimplePay has simplified the lives of thousands of connected Nigerians by eliminating physical cash from financial transactions.


To help grow their user base, SimplePay has signed a partnership with Pliris Mobile to allow Pliris handset owners to pay bills, shop online and close business deals without carrying cash.


With the MySimplePay app pre-installed on Pliris Mobile Devices, new and current Pliris owners can instantly create a Simplepay account and access the more than 150 services available on the SimplePay mobile application.


Pliris Mobile is committed to providing relevant local content for its users to help drive handset sales.


SimplePay CEO, Simeon Ononobi said of the partnership, “SimplePay is committed to working with handset manufacturers to help simplify the lives of Nigerians by making it easy and convenient to find and use the MySimplePay application.”