SENEGAL : E-Ticketing system for Africa’s first 100% electric BRT system

Mobility payments specialist, Kuba, today announces the successful installation of ticketing infrastructure for Dakar’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The BRT network was launched earlier this month to improve accessibility between Guédiawaye and the city center. 

Focus on safety, convenience and inclusion

Building a transit system from the ground-up, in partnership with its granting authority “Conseil Executive des Transports Urbains Durables” (CETUD), Dakar Mobilité had a clear vision. It saw that modern infrastructure, eco-friendly equipment and advanced technology were essential components of a safe, convenient, inclusive public transport system. 

By focusing on these principles, it aims to create a world-class, sustainable service in Senegal’s capital, motivating transit ridership and tackling Dakar’s long-term issues of road congestion and pollution.

Fast, frictionless payments

Kuba has been a valued partner of Dakar Mobilité since it was selected to supply ticketing technology in 2023. Its team has provided intensive consultation and technical support to meet the needs of the operator and its passengers. The check-in, check-out solution it has provided enables simple access to services across 23 stations. To enter a platform and board a vehicle, passengers must tap or scan their ‘travel token’ on a Kuba validator as they pass through a gate. To exit, the same simple process is carried out in reverse.

Tarik Dinane, General Manager of Kuba France, says

“We are delighted to see the BRT system in Dakar receiving its first passengers and using Kuba technology to get on board the new electric buses. It has been a great honor to work with Dakar Mobilité on this modernization of transport infrastructure in the city and we look forward to seeing its impact.” 

The system accepts Calypso cards, contactless tickets and QR code tickets, and gives passengers a choice of payment options. Importantly, Orange Money and Wave Mobile Money services can be used to buy a ticket, which is issued as a QR code. Africa has been a pioneer in m-money, a solution that meets the needs of its large unbanked population, providing financial inclusion – a way to participate in the economy without a bank account. Dakar’s BRT maximizes accessibility to its services by accepting this popular payment method via its mobile app, at sales point terminals, and via portable POS devices supplied by Kuba. 

At the core of the new ticketing system, Kuba’s back office has been deployed to enable payment and travel data analysis, and integration with a third-party mobile app. It also paves the way for account-based ticketing functionality to be activated at a later stage.

Cheikh Yatt Diouf, Deputy General Director, Dakar Mobilité, says:

“Kuba has provided excellent support on our journey towards launching the Dakar BRT. Its technical expertise has been highly valued. The technology provided is an essential part of our new system, offering our passengers a simple way to pay for travel and get on board quickly.” 

Safer, cleaner travel

The Dakar BRT will play a pivotal role in addressing mobility problems that have affected the city for many years. The Dakar region is home to a quarter of Senegal’s population, with almost four million residents today, and five million expected by 2030. The number of vehicles on the road is increasing at an annual rate of 10% and CETUD estimates journeys will double in the next 20 years.

The fully electric BRT network, the first of its kind in Africa, is being launched gradually. It is expected to serve around 300,000 passengers once fully rolled-out.