RedCloud and Ora-Tech to Offer Mobile Financial Services across Pakistan

RedCloud and Ora-Tech to Offer Mobile Financial Services for Enterprise and SME Financial Organisations across Pakistan.

Agreement enables organisations across Pakistan to embrace RedCloud’s next generation ICENI 3 Mobile Financial Services Platform with optimised costs to grow their businesses.

Cambridge, UK – RedCloud and Ora-Tech today announced a commercial agreement which will enable both enterprise banking and microfinance organisations across Pakistan to embrace new mobile financial services to drive business growth.

Under the agreement, customers will be able to work towards a common goal for poverty alleviation and to overcome the problem of sustainability in operations of microfinance institutions. RedCloud’s next generation ICENI 3 platform promotes the use of mobile financial services to anyone with a mobile phone to access finance easily, safely and at low cost.

“Financial companies in Pakistan need a mobile solution to help grow their business,” said Justin Floyd, CEO and Vice Chairman RedCloud, “We are partnering with Ora-Tech who are highly experienced in delivering solutions to the financial sector. Never before has the time been so right for Pakistan to embrace proven mobile solutions to connect and serve customers of any geographical location to help bridge the poverty gap.”

“Since 1990 Ora-Tech Systems has excelled in bringing pioneering technologies to the market. We are confident that the ICENI mobile platform will enable financial organisations of all sizes to become more profitable through the delivery of excellent financial service to their customers. RedCloud is our chosen platform as it surpasses traditional money transfer solutions by enabling financial organisations to extend their financial services, support critical agents in the field and saves costs.” Shahid Tufail, CEO, Ora-Tech.

“The cloud is a critical factor in enabling digitalisation processes necessary for the growth and development of Pakistan’s finance sector,” says Justin Floyd. “Thanks to this partnership with Ora-Tech our value proposition is far greater and will enable the finance industry to adopt this revolutionary mobile technology to grow their business, fast.”

Ora-Tech will contribute its proven expertise in the market, data services, hardware and training services provision to support customers’ journey towards delivery of a scalable, cost effective and flexible mobile financial services solution. As such, these services will help grow microfinance and enterprise sectors across Pakistan.