PesaPal expands to Malawi, next in sight are Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia


FEB 11,2014.


Kenya’s PesaPal has been launched in Malawi and is set to be launched next in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia.

PesaPal is a payment platform that enables users to buy and sell on online using M-PESA and credit cards. PesaPal keeps financial records and contact information safely and offers members a risk free payment option.

Announcing the move via his twitter handle Agosta Liko (@AgostaL) Founder and CEO PesaPal, wrote  “Malawi #done PesaPal now covers a population of 170 Million. Next mPOS Nigeria, Ghana & Zambia - 400m- #TeamAfricaPayments.”

The online payment system allows users to pay online for goods and services via credit cards and mobile money was founded in May 2010 and was named 2012 Forbes’ Top 20 African Startups.

PesaPal also works with banks, Mobile network operators and credit card firms to allow people have as many payment options as possible.

Business solutions offered by PesaPal  include PayPal Direct which is a solution that allows one Pay his or her Bills online, Pay School fees, Buy Airtime in all mobile money platforms, TicketSasa which allows buyers buy event tickets and Find shopping places
PesaPal is currently available in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana,  and Zimbabwe. PesaPal expansion comes as a challenge to other local African firms that serve the other Pan-African market.