Nigerian Fintechs Embrace Local Solutions, Issuing 17 Million Cards Over Foreign Alternatives


In a strategic move reflecting the dynamic evolution of Nigeria’s fintech landscape, OPay and Moniepoint have collectively issued 17 million Verve cards, marking a significant shift from the traditional reliance on Visa and Mastercard. This development highlights the growing influence of local card schemes and the increasing preference for homegrown financial solutions in Africa's largest economy.

Verve, a Nigerian payment card brand, has been steadily gaining traction as a preferred alternative to global payment giants. The recent surge in Verve card issuance by OPay and Moniepoint underscores the advantages of local solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Nigerian consumers and businesses.

Verve cards offer several benefits that make them attractive to Nigerian fintechs and their customers:

Cost Efficiency: Local card schemes like Verve often come with lower transaction fees compared to international counterparts, making them more cost-effective for both providers and users.

Enhanced Security: Verve cards incorporate robust security features that are specifically designed to address local market challenges, enhancing the overall safety of transactions.

Wider Acceptance: As a homegrown brand, Verve has forged partnerships with numerous local merchants and service providers, ensuring broader acceptance across Nigeria.

OPay and Moniepoint Leading the Charge.

OPay, a prominent fintech company in Nigeria, has been at the forefront of driving financial inclusion through innovative digital solutions. By issuing Verve cards, OPay aims to provide its growing user base with seamless, secure, and affordable payment options.

Similarly, Moniepoint, known for its extensive agent network and digital banking services, is leveraging Verve cards to enhance its offerings. The move aligns with Moniepoint's mission to empower small businesses and unbanked populations by providing accessible financial services.

The shift to Verve cards by major players like OPay and Moniepoint is likely to have several implications for the Nigerian fintech ecosystem:

Increased Competition: The adoption of local card schemes could intensify competition among payment providers, driving innovation and improving service quality.

Strengthened Local Economy: Supporting homegrown solutions like Verve helps retain financial resources within the country, contributing to economic growth and stability.

Enhanced Consumer Trust: As more consumers experience the benefits of Verve cards, trust in local financial solutions is expected to grow, fostering greater adoption.

The issuance of 17 million Verve cards by OPay and Moniepoint marks a significant milestone in Nigeria's fintech journey. As local card schemes continue to gain momentum, the Nigerian financial landscape is poised for transformative growth, driven by innovation, inclusion, and a commitment to meeting the unique needs of its diverse population.