Nigeria: Activ-Edge, SAP Partner for Mobile Money Offering

JULY 13,2014.


ACTIV-EDGE, a Nigerian technology firm, has entered into a partnership with SAP Africa to provide mobile payment services to local clients.

The deal will culminate in ActivEdge Technologies offering key SAP solution such as SAP Mobile Banking, SAP Mobile Inclusive Banking, SAP Mobile Consumer Payments, SAP Mobile Remittance, SAP Mobile TopUp and SAP Mobile Payments.

Richard Edet, SAP West Africa Managing Director, said the partnership would help his company to further penetrate the thriving financial services space in West Africa.

“SAP intends to become the platform of choice in mobile commerce banking and a trusted advisor to the banking industry in West Africa.

"This partnership will allow ActivEdge to build its own intellectual property in rapid response to market demands and thereby help SAP grow its market share in the region,” Edet said.

George Agu, Chief Executive Officer of ActivEdge Technologies said the partnership meant that banks in West Africa could now enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive mobile platform at an affordable price.

He said the partnership would also enable banks to grow their market share, provide flexible and convenient services to the growing mobile customer base and the unbanked population.

Agu added that prevailing trends in the local banking sector show that many banks were still looking at mobile commerce simply from transactional viewpoint.

He said that most banks run the risk of missing the enormous mobile commerce opportunity unless they change the way they conduct business.

“Transactional interaction alone is not adequate to inspire consumers.

Customers want end-to-end mobile experiences that enhance their daily rituals, from shopping to banking,” he said.

He added that his company was glad to be working with SAP solution to solve the challenges of local markets.

Innovative mobile solution provider, SAP Africa is hoping to extend it expertise to the West Africa region as it with local firm ActivEdge Technologies.