Mukuru and MPC partner to enable easy money transfer to Malawi

Mukuru today announced it had entered into partnership with Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) to allow for easy access of remittances to Malawi.

The partnership will allow for Mukuru customers in Malawi to easily collect cash sent from South Africa, the UK, Canada and European Union from any of the 182 Post Offices across Malawi. This brings greater access to remittances for the Malawi population and significantly cuts down on the travel times and cost for those in rural areas who are already receiving money from abroad.

To collect money sent to them, recipients only have to bring their Mukuru SMS and a valid proof of identity document into any Post office in Malawi. It is an easy, quick and safe way of receiving money.

The partnership with MPC was driven by Mukuru’s promise to their customers that they care about the people and want to make their service more convenient and accessible for both senders and recipients.

 This sentiment was conveyed by the Michael Cook, Marketing Manager for Mukuru,

“When we realised that a lot of people were still travelling long distances to collect funds we looked for a way to help them. And this is what our partnership with the Post Office Malawi is about. It is a great stride in bringing our service closer to those that need it most.”

 Andrew Kumbatira, Postmaster General for Malawi Posts Corporation said “We are excited with this partnership and trust that it will enhance MPC’s position as one of the leading operators in remittance services in the country.  The agreement will improve our service offering to our customers who appreciate the reliable, accessible and high quality services we provide”.