KENYA: EJijiPay nets Sh12.7 billion in fees, tracks all transactions carried out

Nairobi’s eJijiPay system has increased revenue collection to Sh12.7 billion up from Sh7.7 billion in 2013.

The system tracks all monies collected and the number of transactions made.

Head of parking Fredrick Ndunyu has said parking fees targets Sh2 million daily.

Ndunyu said, “The county needs money. Every effort is going to be used although for a short-term to ensure our revenue targets are realised,” he said. The eJijiPay, a digital platform, helps in the collection of parking, single business permit, market rents, fire, advertisement and building regularisation fees.

Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke said eJijiPay system has been keeping track of how much the county has collected and how many transactions have been made through it since it was launched in 2014.

He said eJijiPay, owned by JamboPay, has increased transparency and raised revenue collection significantly. “EJijiPay is now the second largest wallet in the region by transaction after Safaricom’s M-Pesa,” Mueke said.

On Thursday, City Hall had collected Sh1.602 million from parking fees, market rents Sh21,150, seasonal parking Sh2.58 million, parking penalties Sh38,000 and land rates Sh702,174.

Fire permit, which began this year, has improved revenue collection from Sh58 million last year to Sh210 million this year.

Parking services has contributed 88 per cent followed by land rates and markets at 86 per cent, rental houses ( 75 per cent), planning ( 63 per cent) and single business permits and bill boards at 60 and 40 per cent, respectively.

County secretary Robert Ayisi, who has been spearheading revenue collection attributed increase of revenue to staff commitment.

He said they want to introduce a raft of measures to strengthen existing revenue collection systems.