iPay launches an affiliates programme for e-commerce web developers

iPay, a leading payments gateway has launched an affiliates program to unlock Africa’s Digital Payments market which remains largely untapped.

According to iPay MD, Philip Nyamwaya, “Cash is still king in Africa and the digital payments market is yet to be fully tapped.”

“As an economy, we have made great strides in the recent past, however E-commerce is still in its early days. Compared to other markets, Kenya is leading the way in Africa’s dash from cash, although on many fronts, cash is unfortunately still king,” he noted.

There are about 45 million mobile money accounts in Kenya with deals worth Sh3.9 trillion settled by mobile phones this year according to latest data from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK).

Nyamwaya was speaking Friday April 5th, during the launch of the iPay affiliates programme where the firm is targeting web developers, merchants and digital marketers with clients who are selling online or in-store.

The program will see website designers, digital agencies, who refer merchants to use iPay as the payment gateway share 5 percent to 10 percent revenue with them for the lifetime of that merchant.

“The merchant can be online or have a physical store presence, this will be an added value to the web designer’s ecommerce product offering, even as we grow our transactions base,” he said.