Hello Group has again been recognised for innovation in the fintech environment, with the Kalahari Award for Best Mobile-centric Remittance Service in the lead up to the 6th Remittance & Mobile Money Expo in Nigeria from 2-3 February 2016.

The Kalahari Awards are presented to organisations which have significantly contributed to the remittance services and mobile financial services sector to make remittances and digital payments more affordable, available and impactful on developments in Africa.

Ahmed Cassim, Managing Director of Hello Group’s Hello Paisa offering, says they are thrilled to be recognised again for their creativity in the fintech solutions space. “We are continually looking to redefine the remittance industry by delivering innovative solutions to connect families and friends internationally.”

Adjudicated by an independent panel of expert judges, the awards are based on a number of factors including geographic market penetration, ongoing evidence of commercial campaigns, regulatory compliance, cross sector partnerships, active deployments and future potential for further growth. The awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity, commitment and excellence in the digital payments and remittance industry across Africa.

“In evaluation of the entries, Hello Paisa stood out in its category, superseding the rigorous selection requirements. It is clear that the company is actively making remittances more affordable, available and impacting developments in Africa through its innovative and technology driven processes. We congratulate Hello Group on its achievements and hope the awards will encourage Hello Group to aspire further in bringing affordable remittances to all Africans,” commented Emmanuel Okoegwale, Principal Associate, Mobile Money Africa.



Hello Group is a partner of Daytona Capital Management Ltd (Daytona) – a UK-based fintech company that drives collaboration and connectivity between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), banks and retailers in the United Kingdom and 28 other European Union countries. Daytona is an Authorised Payments Institution (API) as issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

Daytona has developed a world-class software platform to enable MNOs, retailers and banks across emerging markets to seamlessly connect to Money Transfer Operators worldwide. Daytona, a game-changing leader in the fintech industry, will launch its online remittance services in the United Kingdom during 2016.

Hello Group, through its Hello Paisa offering, strives to improve the lives of migrants by offering low-cost transparent remittance services. Hello Paisa is an innovative service which allows low income migrants in South Africa to make low cost, instant international remittance transactions from their mobile phones. For the first time, customers have the convenience to transact 24/7 wherever they are. Hello Paisa partnered with reputable banks and other partners to safely deliver remittances, in a convenient way. The service is also available at a range of retailers which makes using the service accessible to all.

For more information, visit: www.hellogroup.co.za; www.daytonacap.com