GHANA:Zeepay launches platform to send remittance direct to mobile wallets

A leading financial technology company in Ghana, Zeepay in collaboration with MoneyGram has launched a Mobile Money service; a platform which allows the direct transfer of remittances into mobile wallets of recipients. 

With this platform, international remittances can be paid into mobile money wallets and bank accounts and withdrawn at any mobile money agent or bank. 

Transfer of remittance across digital channels is probably the most secured and fraud-free way of transmitting money cross border in today's rapidly growing technology world.

It's safe as both the sender and receiver are registered and can be traced, hence limiting the propensity of fraud and money laundering. 

Zeepay’s platform would make it convenient for immigrants in overseas including North America- USA, Europe, Nordic Zone, Africa and other Asian countries to send money transfer directly into mobile money and bank accounts. 

This brings convenience to both senders and receivers as mobile money is increasingly becoming the most convenient and cashless mean of transacting. 

The launch, held at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra was attended by John Gely of MoneyGram, Hermann Messan of UNCDF, Clarissa Kudowor of the Bank of Ghana as well as Alhassan Mohammed, Finance Manager of Diasporan Relations.