GHANA:Telcos can pay salaries through Mobile Money

Some players in the telecom industry have indicated their readiness to handle the payment system of workers in the country through the mobile money platforms.

They point out that with the right IT infrastructure in place they will be able to effectively handle all payments to workers as is being done in Kenya.

Speaking to Citi Business News on the matter, the CEO of Vodafone Ghana and Chairman of the Chamber of Telecommunications, Yolanda Cuba said payment of salaries through mobile money would help the government in its agenda to achieve financial inclusion.

“I think the biggest way to close in on financial inclusion is to actually fast track it by getting the supply side correct so if for example government decided that we will do all our payments through mobile money it would change everything overnight so for me those are the kind of supply sides we need,” she observed.

She also said employers could equally pay their workers through mobile money as another way to drive financial inclusion.

“If your employer says I will pay your money through mobile money it automatically creates the eco-system that actually goes through. Right now, you have to take money from your bank account into your mobile money wallet so it acts like a wallet rather than mobile money itself,” she said.