FONYOU: Nigerian office opening to deploy mobile money and fintech

In a move that underscores its mission to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time, fonYou has announced a new office in Nigeria, where more than 30 million new mobile subscribers are expected to come online by 2025.

With 190 million people, Nigeria has the largest population of any country in Africa. According to the GSMA, Nigeria has a mobile penetration rate of about 90%; however, 85% of the market lacks access to digital payments. This means that mobile service is disrupted for customers until they make a cash top-up for data and voice at a physical store location.

A major tier-one African mobile carrier recently began integrating fonYou’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based iCarrier solution to give subscribers uninterrupted access to voice and data. Even those without a credit balance will be able to enjoy a seamless and frictionless mobile experience.

fonYou’s iCarrier Data platform incorporates AI and Machine Learning using behavioral analytics to analyse subscribers’ past behaviour, purchase history and payment capacity in real time. It creates a customer map that generates a deep understanding of each customer profile. Operators can utilise these insights for client retention purposes by offering hyper-personalised products and one-to-one, multi-channel engagement through IVR, SAT push and microsites.

“Nigeria’s mobile operators have a great opportunity to incorporate fintech and mobile money in their existing distribution models,” said Nunez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou.

“Our iCarrier Data platform provides operators with a 360-degree view of their customers enabling them to distribute hyper-personalised offers.

“Through our new office in Nigeria, we can work closely with operators that want to secure new revenue streams, boost connectivity and improve subscriber quality of experience (QoE) by utilising our service offerings.”