EcoCash hike tariffs by between 30 - 80%

LEADING mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service provider, EcoCash has increased its tariffs for sending money by its subscribers by between 30 - 80% effective 17 April 2019.

According to Potraz fourth quarter F18 report, the Econet linked EcoCash service remains dominant with 95.4% of the market, NetOne's OneMoney holds 3.8% and Telecel's Telecash has 0.8%. The lack of interoperability between the mobile wallet services can be expected to see EcoCash maintain its position as the dominant service.

EcoCash, a mobile payment solution owned by Econet Zimbabwe, yesterday decided to increase its transaction limits from the previous maximum of RTGS $500 to a new maximum of RTGS $1,000.

EcoCash told its subscribers that they can now transact above RTGS$500 up to RTGS$1,000 at ONE GO. This increase applies to Send Money, Merchant Payments and Bill Payments.