ChamsMobile launches Nigeria’s first Visa Virtual Card


ChamsMobile Limited, a licensed Mobile Money Operator, and Skye Bank Plc, have launched the first Virtual Visa Card in Nigeria.

The Virtual Visa Card is an entirely digital payment card for online and mobile use, both locally and internationally. The card is unique in that cardholders get a full card image (the Virtual Card) on their mobile device, PC, or tablet, with a plastic card offered as an option if customers prefer.

The new payment system is expected to expand financial inclusion to millions of Nigerians by offering a low cost mobile banking solution, as the card is issued free and linked to a broad range of financial services. It also offers an online payment alternative for eCommerce savvy individuals, small businesses and corporate companies, membership associations, and more.

The new Visa Virtual Card is available under the Kegow brand at  Kegow is the program and card brand of ChamsMobile Ltd.

Deputy Managing Director ChamsMobile, Mr. Gavin Young, said that he was excited to partner with Skye Bank and Visa on this unique and ‘First in Nigeria’ Visa Virtual Card payment solution, which was developed with the company’s international joint venture partners Bancore AS (as the mobile financial services processor) and Global Technology Partners (as the Visa prepaid card processor).

“It’s unique in that customers actually see an image of their card on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs, whereby all the essential features of a physical card are shown in it’s ‘Virtual form’; card number, expiry date and CVV number, for example. This, for many customers, negates the need for a physical plastic card, although we offer plastic cards as an option for customers requiring such.”

“E-commerce savvy users can shop securely online by loading funds from a bank account or any other financial card. For those without a formal banking relationship, they will suddenly have the means to make their money work for them and move towards financial inclusion,” he said.

“It’s also a very diverse product with a number of applications across various business and consumer segments. These include: co-branded cards for eCommerce companies, gift cards (as money can be credited to a recipient’s mobile phone), a naira card for Nigerians in diaspora as it can be issued online, a company allowances card and, as a payment card for retail distribution as it’s supported with a unique invoicing service.”

“It’s much more than a mobile or digital wallet, as it bridges the gap between traditional mobile wallets and bank accounts by offering a low cost Visa card accepted in Nigeria and abroad, and is linked to a full range of financial services. This facilitates easy online transfers to and from bank accounts, purchasing airtime, paying bills, and much more.”

“To make the product even more secure and convenient, we have introduced another first in Nigeria, by offering a One-Time-Password ‘Verified by Visa (VbyV)’ service that replaces the old VbyV PIN service. This means that every process, from application to receiving the card, can be done entirely online from a mobile phone, tablet or PC in under 15 minutes.”

Head, E-Channels, Skye Bank Plc, Mr Akinwale Ojo said:

“the bank chose to work with ChamsMobile, and its card processing partner GTP, based on careful consideration of the benefits all parties could bring to the table and in consideration of how the bank could best serve the millions of Nigerians with this product, and particularly those who may be financially excluded, requiring a low cost yet fully inclusive financial services offering.”

Ade Ashaye, Country Manager for Visa in West Africa stated:

"Our strategy of bringing world class innovation to Africa continues to make shopping online and via traditional channels much more convenient. Visa’s Virtual Card will make a real change to the lives of Nigerians by helping them to safely access the digital economy and participate in ecommerce.”

Global Technology Partners is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.  The company was founded in 2003 and began processing its first Visa prepaid debit card in Burkina Faso in 2007.  Since then, GTP has expanded into over 27 African countries, with more in development.  GTP designed its system specifically for prepaid programs, and now offers industry-leading prepaid and mobile processing solutions.

Bancore AS is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a joint venture partner of Chams Mobile. The company was founded in 2005 and is a leading international financial services provider, covering a broad range of mobile banking and micro-payment services for international enterprises and merchants. Bancore employs in-house top-level programmers, development, sales and marketing staff and a specialised consulting team within micro-payment, Visa and MasterCard card services, and mobile money transfers experience and associated skills.