BuyPower mobile prepaid electricity vending launched in Namibia

MARCH 17,2014.

mHITs has announced that it has launched its BuyPower mobile prepaid electricity vending service in Namibia Africa. This is the first service of its type in Africa where airtime is used directly to purchase prepaid electricity.

The payment model represents a disruptive but effective and convenient solution to the purchase of prepaid electricity. It also enables the sale of prepaid electricity in remote and regional areas for the unbanked where other forms of micro-billing are uneconomical or impossible.

To use the service, users simply send an SMS containing their meter number and the pre-paid electricity token is returned by SMS. No pre-registration or bank account is required. Payment for the electricity is automatically deducted from prepaid credit or added to their postpaid account. The service is available on both TN Mobile (formally LEO) and MTC mobile networks in Namibia.

“The BuyPower Namibia service represents a break-through in micro-billing for Africa.” says mHITs CEO Harold Dimpel. “The BuyPower model is not only convenient for end users, it can provide a more cost effective payment channel for utilities and their customers.” he continues. “Micro-billing using mobile phone credit directly is a disruptive concept but has been proven to be highly successful. It just makes sense – everyone wins.” he concludes.


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