Brinq Africa and partner - Ingenico SA Sponsor 4th Mobile Money Expo

FEB 04,2014.

Press Release.

Brinq Africa and Ingenico SA will be one of the lead sponsors of the 4th Mobile Money Expo which will take place on February 12th - 13th, 2014 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Nigeria. Brinq Africa is the official Partner of Ingenico SA for the provision of secured payment solutions in the Nigerian territory. The company which has its Corporate Office in Abuja is the ‘one-stop’ shop for the provision of Ingenico POS terminals as well as value adding payment solutions to advance Nigeria’s CASHLESS policy.

The Mobile Money Expo is a leading regional conference in the mobile financial space; bringing together leaders in the financial and technology field from across Africa and beyond. The regional event is in its 4th year, and it continues to influence and contribute to the development of mobile financial services across the continent, with more than 35 speakers signed up from 16 countries for the 2-day event.

A recent report released by the African Development Bank entitled Financial Inclusion in Africa, established that technological advances have started to make inroads into banking the unbanked in Africa, and operators like Ingenico SA and Brinq Africa, are poised to push the boundaries of financial inclusion, payments, savings, and use of easy-to-use technologies and applications that are compatible with all cards, banking and mobile money innovations in the ecosystems.

Announcing the partnership with Ingenico SA and Brinq Africa for this year’s conference, Mobile Money Africa’s Principal Associate Emmanuel Okoegwale said, "We appreciate Brinq Africa and Ingenico’s support and strides in the financial services space. These companies are playing their expected roles in the financial services industry as firms that are aspiring to become the leaders in driving growth by enabling e‑commerce and online payment platforms across Nigeria and Africa."

According to Brinq Africa’s CEO, Mr. Deji Fisho "…The fusion of technology and finance in Nigeria is rapidly evolving to a state that will surely make people marvel. Brinq Africa and Ingenico SA are at the forefront of ensuring that this happens. We are positioned to ensure that Nigerians and indeed the entire African continent are carried along in this revolutionary tide of events in the payments sector."

Ingenico and Brinq Africa will be available at exhibition booth A7 for product evaluation and enquiries during the two-day event.