African Fintech Giant, Interswitch partners with KuBitX to innovate Blockchain services

It is no secret that Interswitch, an African fintech company with business presence in 5 African countries and operational access to another additional 16 countries, has been building a Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) platform kicked off by their partnership with Microsoft to create a blockchain based supply chain financing platform. The pan African fintech giant has been looking to co-create other crucial parts of their blockchain ecosystem and had been on the lookout for a blockchain solutions company that embodies competence, agility, technical ability, market knowledge, and experience as well as a shared passion for Pan-Africanism.

Enter KuBitX. After considering a myriad of interests from a number of tech companies, Interswitch chose to partner with KuBitX Limited, a Pan African blockchain solutions company registered in Malta and with two live blockchain related products: namely a digital assets marketplace where tokenised assets can be issued and exchanged, as well as a payments and remittances solution (KuBitX PROW) that leverages blockchain technology to make instant international transfers of value at insane speed and extremely low cost.

After some due diligence and productive collaboration discussions, Interswitch and KuBitX have now officially entered a technical and business partnership to co-create a Blockchain services platform for everyone.

KuBitX recently secured topnotch technical talents and financial backing to help expand operations and ensure that quality African technology projects can get due exposure to the globe via its 24/7 digital assets Exchange. KuBitX is also working to use its KuBitX PROW to empower young freelancers in Africa to be able to export their creative services cross border without the fear of how they will be remunerated in their local currency. The KuBitX PROW will ensure that travel and tourism within Africa will no longer be tedious and heavily reliant on cumbersome currency changes at black market rates. A user of the app will simply be able to fund his wallet from one country and technically spend the same in other countries where KuBitX have set up in conjunction with Interswitch.

KuBitX is on a quest to take blockchain to the grassroots, to solve important African socio-economic problems that can best be addressed using exponential technologies without the need for complexity. The company ethos is about education, adoption and inclusion and it has made the right steps so far in ensuring that its products are relatable to most of its target market.

Africa, with its teeming resourceful and internet savvy youth population, as well as an impressive mobile device penetration, is ready to create and enjoy the next set of useful technological innovations. This has already been demonstrated with the “invention” of mobile money over 17 years ago, almost two decades before the likes of Mastercard started to look into it.

KuBitX is a shining light in Africa and one to look out for as they continue to take innovative solutions to the grassroots (in emerging economies) using their combination of creativity, market exposure, technical know how and business experience from working with top multinationals across the globe.