Mobicash: The via mobile financial service officially launched in Malitel

MARCH 20,2014.


 Mobicash, via the new mobile financial service Malitel was launched last Friday at the Radisson Blu. It was under the chairmanship of the Minister of Communication and New Information Technologies, Jean-Marie Sangare.

The Malitel network process last Friday officially launched via its mobile financial service Mobicash. It is an opportunity for the customer's incumbent Mali, through his mobile phone to access a range of services such as: money deposit, withdrawing cash, transfer money, buy recharge Malitel .

Also, it allows the customer to view their balance and account history. In addition to these services, Malitel provides soon, merchant payment, bill payment and payment of wages.

Mobicash is an initiative of Malitel and the Development Bank of Mali to promote exchanges, making them more fluid and bring them into the formal sector. It will allow, according to Mohamed Morchid the DG Malitel a large segment of the population to open a Mobicash free account and enjoy these services without having a bank account. He also took the opportunity to assure customers of the safety of this service. "The Mobicash account enables customers to realize from the mobile Malitel, current transactions safely, withdrawals and cash deposits with a network of approved agents," he says.

The launching ceremony was put to profit by the Minister of Communication and and DG Malitel to register and to demonstrate transaction in the presence of customers present at the ceremony. Registration is free and takes place in the points Mobicash supplying parts as the national identity card, Nina card, passport or driving license.

After registering at Mobicash service, Minister of Communication and New Information Technologies invited Malians to follow his example. "Now Malians, you have the choice."

The level of the transaction is between 1000 FCFA 1.5 million F CFA and withdrawal fees ranging from 350 F CFA 39 600 F CFA by level. Transfer and cash deposit are free.

For one of the first registered, the service is very good. It will allow people to make a choice and move quickly money across the country to lower cost. The Minister of Employment and Training, Government spokesman, Mahamane Baby, attended the ceremony.