EcoCash Users Can Now Reverse Transactions

EcoCash has introduced a new option for people who’ve mistakenly sent money to the wrong individual.

By dialling *150# and selecting option 3 (Self Help/Reversal) EcoCash subscribers can either submit a reversal or approve the reversal of a transaction.

Transaction reversal will require both parties to approve, so those of you who thought they would be vulnerable to people when they sell something and then the other party later reverses the transaction you have no reason to worry.

One can initiate a reversal and the recipient will have to approve before the reversal is actually complete.

Whilst this can get complicated if the recipient chooses not to approve the reversal the option is meant to settle reversal cases where the recipient is willing to cooperate without needing to have to approach EcoCash.

The ability to reverse transactions is not entirely new. It already existed on the EcoCash self-service portal but now it’s also available on the USSD making it less difficult to access.